Enjoy your big long weekend and think about poor old  Mrs. Kovacs working ALL day Monday and All day Tuesday with no kids to play with and no student teacher helping out.  Do you feel bad for me?  It's ok, I'll get lots of stuff done.

What will you be doing?  Look on the homework tab for a ticket winning opportunity.  Also, there is reading to be done and some math.  Take your time, it's not a race.  Slow down, chew your food!  (That's a line from Ghostbusters)  But really, we need to slow it down and savor the experiences and the information we are learning.  It's no good to rush through and guess, then we've learned nothing and nothing sticks.  Plus, it's just not that fun.  Let's make a pact to have FUN at school.  We will do something FUN everyday.  Blog a comment about what YOU think is FUN to do at school and I'll make a list and we'll use it as our guide.

Finally, here are some letters for the word game.  For every NEW word you blog [by that I mean a word no one else has blogged yet] you can have 4 tickets.  Do not blog the BIG word until Tuesday--this is testing your direction reading skills.  If you blog the big word before Tuesday you won't get tickets for it.  If you wait until Tuesday you can have 10 tickets for the big word, even if you simply got it off someone else's comment.  Happy Long Weekend to you.

word game:       e e a i o                    n   t   g   r   g   s      Bonus blog ?  What suffix does this word have?  10 tickets

Krypto for the weekend:                   7
                                        13     4      5       21      16

Enjoy!! Miss you, glad you are in my class, pond skating and boot hockey next week--if it stays warm enough.