We learned about the constitution, had some elections and choose delegates to the student council.  Wow, what a day.  Congratulations to ALL the kids who ran for the job.  They would have all been great.  Our new student council reps are Rachel Miller, Maddie Wallace and Yobster the Lobster.  We had our first meeting today.  Student Council kids, remind me tomorrow to let you report back to our class and put some posters up in the hallways.

Next week is WBL's homecoming celebration.  Homecoming:  what does it mean?  Blog your ideas and you may have 4 tickets. 

Spelling test tomorrow.  Reading packet went home today.  We willl get some math homework over the weekend but it is fun stuff--more functions and algebra.  What is a function in math?  What about a variable?  You may have an immediate trip to the prize bucket if you blog an answer that correctly answers both those questions.  You may have 2 tickets if you try to answer it but are not right.

Wonder walk tomorrow anyone?                 Mrs. Kovacs