Today was your last day to work on your map in class.  Most of you have done a beautiful job working on these and can be really proud of your work.  You are real cartographers.  COOL!!  They are due Monday, Dec. 7.

Tomorrow we will get to do the landforms experiment which is the running of the stream tables.  This is so much fun and it really brings the vocabulary to life.  Come ready to jump in and work.  We will run at least 3 experiments.  If there is time, you can do more.  We shall see.  

Tomorrow is also the last day of in class time to work on your Exploration of Choice.  On Monday we will have boys share their learning with boys and girls share theirs with the girls.  We will spend a half hour doing this so hopefully everyone will get a chance to share.  If not, it's on to Tuesday.

Today's ticket question is to blog one of the terms that you will need to use tomorrow like sediment, delta, plateau, erosion, drainage basin and tell what it means.  It has to be one no one else has done yet.  If you do that, 10 tickets to you.  Another option is to predict or make a hypothesis about what you expect to happen with the stream tables tomorrow.  How will it change when you change one of the variables: standard v. flood water source, slope of the table, building of a damn etc.  

Hope play practice and hockey games and dance and all that were great tonight. See ya tomorrow.