So it has been decided:  the movie we will do as an "Outing with Mrs. K" or "An Outing with Explorations" is STORKS.  We will be at the 3:20 showing at the White Bear Township Theater.  Come one, come all.  Bring the whole family, bring grandma, bring your friends.   Hope to see you there!!

In classroom news, we are finally moving into the book for some math lessons.  The groups are made, the lessons are planned and it's time to jump in.  There may well be some math homework heading your way as early as next week.  Yikes!! Are you ready for that?  Blog a comment about whether or not you 1. like math homework or 2. think it is useful and helpful.  If you comment on math homework you can have 4 tickets tomorrow.

In other news we are all still wondering about our buddy Max.  Are you well yet Max?  Hope so.   With any luck we will see Max here tomorrow.

Finally, Blog a response to Precious to earn extra tickets!