Yesterday we were missing Hunter and Jordan who were both in Florida and actually ran into eachother there.  They are both so nice and tan right now.  It looks so cool--I am so winter white.  Today we were missing Brock.  Brock, where are you?

For an immediate trip to the prize bucket blog a comment that is at least 3 sentences long and tells us a little bit about your science experiment.  Maddie and Carly shared their's today and it was AWESOME!!  They wondered if the life of a bubble is affected by the temperature in which that bubble is living.  2 tickets to everyone who can blog a comment that tells something about their experiment. 

Have a great evening.  Find your basketball packet.  We missed doing a troll play today because of the Pied Piper play but we will be back on track tomorrow.  We have 3 done and a couple  more to go.    See ya tomorrow.   Mrs. Kovacs