Man is it cold.  Vlad had a root canal appt. at 8:00 am and so I was out driving by 7:30 even though there was no school.  Bad timing.  We are home now and I am tucked into the big comfy chair thinking about school and writing to you.

Please have your work done so you can get on the photo story project.  We will be doing some fun science stuff in the next couple of weeks as well as moving on to fractions.  Are you ready for a fun fraction book writing project?  Get ready!!

Please blog a comment about fractions and how they relate to money and you can have 10 tickets tomorrow--or Wed. if the WBL schools happen to follow suit with the Mpls. schools and cancel tomorrow too.  I have half a dollar which means I have .50 of a dollar or 50 cents.  Remember, the new tickets are way cool and hot pink!!  Oxymoron--a really cool hot pink.