Just to confirm, we will be doing the December "Outing with Mrs. K" on Friday, December 12 from right after school until 5 pm.  I will collect 3 or 4 bucks from kids who think they want pizza and see how much money I get and that will determine how much pizza I order.  Everyone is welcome to bring a snack to share and a beverage or snack for themselves.  IF it is too warm out to skate (which would be too bad) THEN we will stay in and watch Prancer, my all time favorite reindeer movie.  No matter what there will be a staying after school "Outing with Mrs. K" on Friday, December 12.  Sadly, Ms. Jaslow can't make it.  We will have to make sure she can do our January outing.  

Also, I have had similar outings in the past and although it gets dark, the pond in the bus loop is well lit by parking lot lights and it is super fun to be out there in the dusk and dark.  Very magical winter wonderland setting.  

Hope you can stay!!  Be sure you have someone who can pick you up around and by 5:00.  Somewhere else on this site it tells why we need to wrap it up by 5:00.  4 tickets to everyone who FINDs that information and comes and tells it to me Monday morning.  
:)  Mrs. Kovacs