1.  Have fun!

2.  Do your grade level MCA practice test.  It should be "friendly" for you and review of your grade level skills.

3.  Have fun;

4.  Work on your trip plan.  Remember that you need to have 
a.  the packet filled out with charts and paragraphs as required.  The charts and paragraphs can be in the travel
journal or in the scrapbook or simply attached to the packet.  Your decision.
b.  the travel journal;
c.  a scrapbook--either a paper one with pictures glued in and stickers etc.  OR a google slide show that has pictures about your trip.

5.  Have fun!

I will be in Istanbul, Turkey visiting my son and family.  Here's to hoping we all have a wonderful time!!  I can't wait to hear all about what all of you did with this week off of school.