It's official.  We are now on spring break.  ENJOY!!

Here is your spring break challenge:

1.  Take a picture of yourself doing something funtastic (swimming at the beach, eating a special meal, whatever) and email   it to me at;
2.  Take a picture of yourself reading in an unexpected place (like the locker room or airplane or...) and send it to me.
3.  Blog a comment about who you are getting to spend time with and what you are doing with them;
4.  Eat something you usually don't like to eat and then write a blog comment about what it was and how it tasted;
5.  Eat ice cream.  Blog a comment telling what flavor you had and tell where you got it.
6.  Take a nap.  I LOVE naps.  But I hated them when I was a kid.  Here's a funny letter I found on Facebook:
                    Dear Naps,
                         I am sorry I was such a jerk to you when I was younger.
7.   Do something you DON'T usually do--try something you don't usually try.  I am planning this one already.  Either take a picture of yourself doing it OR blog a comment about it.
8.  Email 2 classmates through the school email.  Tell them all about what you are doing over break.
9.  Call your grandpa or grandma and talk to them.  Ask them about what THEY are doing.  LISTEN!!  Ask them to tell you about how school was when they were in your grade.  Did they have spring break?  Did they have friends over for sleep overs?
10.  Write a nice note or card to your mom or dad or both telling them THANK YOU for all they do for you.  Be specific like tell them thanks for all the rides to sports practices or thanks for all the great breakfasts know what to do.
11.  Do a trash to treasure for 3 girl scout cookies.
12.  Fill out a March Madness Bracket and send it to Mr. Halverson.  Directions are in the blog message right before this one. 

For every one of these you accomplish you will get 4 tickets.  IF you do at least half of them you can have the tickets AND 2 girl scout cookies.  IF you do them ALL, you can have an ice cream sandwich.

Thanks for playing.  Have a GREAT vacation and come back to school ready to work hard, think hard, learn and grow.

Mrs. Kovacs