I wrote a nice comment yesterday and when I went to save it it disappeared.  Sometimes technology can be so frustrating and such a waste of time.  Yikes.

Happy spring to all of us stuck at home in Minnesota.  Lucky for us spring has arrived early and it is wonderful weather for biking, tennis, walking and being outside.  Johnny is home for the week as his school in D.C. that he's teaching at is on spring break too.  Poor Pamela had to stay home and go to law school--they already had their spring break.  Anyway, Johnny went out and got a new trampoline yesterday--our last one was done, the frame was unsteady--and the boys have been busy jumping and jumping.  They put the basketball hoop up to the tramp and play for hours.  I guess they are all Air Jordan on the tramp.  Fun!!  I don't think this tramp will last too long with 3+ nearly 200 lb. guys jumping on it all at the same time.  It may not be safe but it sure looks fun.

There will be 5 tickets to anyone who blogs a comment about which White Bear Lake High School team was in the state tournament this year. 

John and Jake and Vlad are going golfing at Gem Lake now.  That sounds like a great activity for a nice day like today.

Write to me, work on your math and write some great basketball stories.

Mrs. K