I LOVE this day in social studies.  Didn't social studies "Come Alive" like the book says?  How did it?  Why did it?  Explain in a blog comment and you can have 10 tickets tomorrow.  (I am trying to get rid of tickets, can you tell?)

Tomorrow at 9:30 am we are taking the MAP test for math.  The MAP test is a measure of your academic progress.  Since you all learned a ton this year I am confident you will show great growth on your MAP test.  I will give you your math MAP goal sheet prior to the test so you can write your score on it when you get done and you will know immediately if you made your goal or not.  We will have a big celebration to celebrate your math greatness when this test is over.  Maybe we can use Joe's ice cream party to celebrate.  Do you like Dilly Bars?  Do you like ice cream sandwiches? What should Joe get us?

Rest tonight, sleep plenty, eat a great breakfast with plenty of protein, grains and fruit and show up at school ready to roll!!