Next week we are going to continue with our snowmen by 1. creating some fun snowmen characters and 2. writing some fun snowman stories and poems.  Later (in a week or so) we will be building on that and creating snowman puppet shows or plays.  I wonder who will choose what.

Some kids have missing work and we will work on catching that up next week.  Make sure your Long Lake packet, your math project and now your map of the school yard are done and you will have the most recent things in, anyway. 

Next week is our trip to Central Middle School.  Are you ready?  No worries, it's still months before you go there for real. In honor of our trip we have music words for spelling words.  Note that I put "base" on the list but the real music word is "bass" and so that is the one I will want you to know.  Sorry about the mix up.  Also, I printed the peek with the wrong spellling message--you need to learn 10 and be able to define them this week.  Good luck.

Have a great weekend.  Blog me a time and place for local hockey games and I will be there.         Mrs. Kovacs