Could you believe your eyes this morning when you woke up to snow?  It is so weird to look out and see the white stuff covering green stuff.  Usually by the time the snow falls the grass is dead, the leaves have fallen, and my ferns have disintegrated for another year.  I wonder what will happen to all that stuff now.  Mati--how are the pumpkins and the gourds holding up?  Are they all out of the garden already?

How about that Matt!  Did you read his comment that it's HOT in Florida so he's going to spend the day in the water?  That doesn't seem fair.  Anyway, I think he's going to check our blog so you should say HI to him and let him know how you feel about him swimming when we are freezing. ticket offer.  Learn some other little alliteration poem (like Sally sells seashells...) that you can recite to me (recite means say by heart, no looking at the words) on Monday and I will give you 5 tickets.

Have a great weekend.  Stay warm!     Mrs. K