Jake and a bunch of other high school kids are sleeping outside to draw attention to homelessness in Minnesota.  If you see a bunch of goofy kids sleeping outside in down town White Bear, look for Jake.  They are supposed to sleep in a big box.  Sounds kinda fun, huh?  Fun for one night when you know you can go home to a house and a shower and a warm, soft bed and lots of food the next day, right?

So today's chocolate challenge question has to do with thinking mathematically all weekend long.  Somewhere on the site I posted an example scenerio for what I am talking about.  If you would like to be part of the chocolate challenge, then blog a comment with your own idea for an example of thinking mathematically this weekend.  Have yourself talking to someone about something and you turn it into a math problem.  Have fun with this, I did.

The BHTQ has to do with my example math conversation.  For 2 tickets, who is involved in the math conversation and WHERE did you find it on the site.

Have a great weekend.  Only 2 more Fridays of school.  That is so weird.