This week is going to fly by, especially since it's already 1/3 over!

It was great to have the 5th graders back and to hear their fun stories of fire alarms at 4:30 am and the rock climbing wall and archery and Base to Charlie and...the bread!  Mostly everyone's favorite thing about the food was the bread!  I hope I get to go next year and experience the big trip.

We reported how we did cup stacking, k'nex, block building, luna sticks, Yahtzee with my mom and Mrs. Barkve and stuff like that.  We did an animal exploration and even used the stuffed animals for inspiration.  Still, it's nice to have the gang back together.

Remember to work on your Native American exploration so you are ready for the museum on Wednesday.  I'm not sure who will stop by to see our work but maybe Mrs. Tate and Mr. Schmidt and maybe even some kids from Mrs. Stonehouse's room.  We shall see.

Not sure if we'll get outside tomorrow since we need to work on our exploration and pinto note taking and there is an assembly and all.  Hmm...maybe we can get out there for read aloud or something.  Ideas?  We could all sit near the Birch Bark House team's habitat and listen to the Birch Bark House.  If not, we'll try to get out on Wednesday after our museum.

Mrs. Kovacs