Carly wrote on the blog a question about what specialist we have tomorrow.  Thanks for asking such a great question, Carly.  We have music tomorrow, then we have media and finally on Thursday we have phy ed. 

This class already taught me something new.  Carly and another classmate both clicked on the title of my big comment.  I did not know you could do that.  We found their comments because every time a comment is posted my computer at home gets a notice about it.  I searched and searched for Carly's comment and then there it was, in a place I didn't even know existed.  HOW COOL!  I love it when kids teach me something new.

Now, Carly, go to the bottome of the page, after my large comment, and see that there are over 90 pages of blog comments.  That's where I usually look for kids comments.  Click on page 95 and you will start to see your classmates comments and my replies and comments back.  As I write this the blog is on page 96.  You can reply to someone else's comment or write a new comment of your own.  Or, you can do like Carly and click on the title of my big article and respond right there.  Now that I know that place for commenting exists, I'll be sure and check it too.

See ya all tomorrow!!