There is a number hidden somewhere on this website.  Mr. Kovacs hid it.  There will be opportunities to earn tickets on Monday if you know what the number is that he hid and if you can tell what tab it was hidden under and where on the page it is.  What color is it?  Know as much as you can about it as 20 tickets are on the line!! 

In other ticket news, everyone who participates in a pi chain this weekend will earn 5 tickets for every entry they make.  I will start the chain right now with 3.14  The next person needs to just add the next digit in the real pi number and blog the new number including 3.14 and then the new digit.  Continue to add numbers one at a time all weekend long to continue to earn tickets.  You can find pi on line, I'm sure. 

There was a ticket opportunity on the peek of the week.

Be ready to continue our baseball reading next week and just know that we'll be adding more things as we go.  Have a great weekend.       Mrs. K