With math and reading MCAs behind us we are moving on to preparing the the MCA Science test.  We take the test on May 7 and 8.  The students are tested on science concepts they have learned throughout their elementary career--from plants to rocks to electricity to magnets to sound to landforms to ecosystems to animal life.  YIKES!!  To help them prepare for this event we have been using Discovery Ed videos and online investigations.  Ms. Case lays this out and we plow through it.  Additionally we have been watching Discovery Ed videos as a class and discussing concepts we are expected to know.

In addition to that we are currently running water through our stream tables and wrapping up our look at landforms.  Next week we will jump full blown into levers and pulleys.  We will be doing science for reading as well as science.  All things scientific for the next week.

This week and early  next week the kids are wrapping up their baseball lit circle books and fluency check books.  Both books have packets of word work and word games with them.  We are reading "Casey At The Bat" as a chorale reading which one lucky group will perform tomorrow at village family time.  It is a funny little poem written in 1888.  Check out the Disney cartoon from 1946 on you tube.  Animation has come a long way yet the old stuff is still funny.

Sunday is the Twin's game for DARE.  I will NOT be going but about half of our kids going are taking at least one parent with them so I have asked each of them to keep an eye out for one or two other kids.  I just want to make sure everyone gets back on the bus at the end of the game and ends back up in Hugo at the end of the day.