We have seen 12 fantastic science fair projects.  Wow, you guys are really impressing me.  Love it!!

Friday is going to be science fair day here at Oneka Elementary School.  We will be doing science stations all day long.  Then, from 5-7 parents will be invited to come check out all your hard work.  You should try to be here during that time, standing by your science project, ready to answer any questions and take compliments from others.  Fun times!!

Along with the science fair is the art sale.  We still need to pick our art that we want to sell.  Remind me to do that tomorrow.  An immediate trip to the prize bucket to every kid who comes up to me tomorrow morning and says, "Mrs. Kovacs, we need to pick out our art for the art fair."

I have written the ransom note.  We will look at it tomorrow.  Also, I have asked Mrs. Severson if Honker (I guess that's the goose's name) can sit in the background of the morning news.  We will send her down with Steven and Gavin--our biggest and strongest--to guard her while she stands there and return her safely to our room.  Then I also need about 7 kids who can go to Solensky's room and read the ransom note and poem.  I will let the first 7 kids who blog a comment that says, "Let it be ME!" have first dibs. 

Have a great evening.        Mrs. Kovacs