How is your's coming?  We have seen 3 really good presentations so far.  I told Alex that if he brought the supplies I would let him show us his experiment in class.  Call him and remind him if you know his number.  Just don't forget, you need to have your project in by April 4 and we need to see all the presentations before April 8 and the science fair at school. 

Today we heard some ideas from kids who are getting A's on how to study for the spelling/vocab test.  As you know, many of you are not doing very well.  Come on people, you need to study these words in order to figure them out.  You all have a successful partner now so hopefully we'll see some imporvement this week.

Problem solving can be so fun.  For an immediate trip to the prize bucket blog a comment about a problem you have had to deal with lately.  You can either tell what you are doing to solve it or if it's ongoing, ask classmates for ideas on what to do to solve it.  If you answer someone else's blog with a possible solution, you too can prize bucket yourself.

Have a great evening.                    Mrs. Kovacs