We wrapped up our pendulum experiments and found some very interesting things.  Did the mass on the end of the pendulum matter?  Did the start point of the swings on the pendulum matter?  Did the length of the string that made up the pendulum matter?  Blog a comment that explains the results we got on our pendulum experiment and you can have 2 tickets tomorrow.

Thursday is our Halloween party.  Bring a flashlight, your costume, some candy/cereal/crackers to mix into our witches' brew, and a drink for yourself.  The parade sounds fun and after that we will have a choice of reading in the dark or watching a Halloween movie--something like Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin.  

We will start our next investigation in our variables unit.  It has to do with lift and thrust.  Can you guess what it is?

Have you started a conversation with your parents about your science fair project?  27 days to go until the due date!!  Tomorrow (Tuesday) we head into the computer lab to type out our monster descriptions.  They need to be hung up to add to the decoration situation.