So that's it.  It's a wrap on school for 2016!  Wow, that went fast.

Over the break there are a few things you should be doing:
1. Math packet pages.  Some are fun, some are mandatory, you choose how much to do.
2. Troll books need to be published.  Start working on them.  There will be very little time given in school on the publishing of this book.  Most of the work needs to be done so that the book can be turned in and read to others by January 6, 2017.  A mulit year project!!
3. Read

4. Get outside
5. Play, get together with friends, build stuff, make stuff, have fun
6. Hug your family and grandparents and everyone you love--yep, even your brother or sister!!
7. Miss me--I will be missing you.
8. Blog.  Let me know what you are doing and where you are going.  Maybe we will see each other somewhere.

See you on Tuesday, January 3rd.  Enjoy your break.