You all made it!  You graduated and are moving on to middle school.  Don't forget your old friends from elementary school and your old teachers who adore you:  Mrs. Kovacs, Ms. Schiele, Ms. Stamson, Mrs. St. Martin!

Know that you are ready to be great middle school students and I expect to hear wonderful things about all of you as you continue to move through school.  Always remember to be kind and nice to every one and be patient and understanding, empathetic and generous.  Those skills will serve you well.

See you soon.  Keep checking the blog for updates about what everyone is doing and when and where we can possibly meet up to see each other this summer.  Cup N Cone in July?  Maybe C and G Hooks?  Time will tell.  For now enjoy the summer.  Get outside and play and explore and wonder and know that I am missing you.