Hey, I have watched the class videos 5 times already since school got out.  Do you guys miss me as much as I miss you?  Tomorrow I have to go to school and clean up our room, put a copy of your report card in your permenant file, put copies of your Aims Web and MAP test scores in your permenant file.  I also have to look through the files to make sure they are organized according to the district rules. 

Tuesday the school I teach at called Summer Academy starts and I get 22 new students to teach a law class to.  They are little lawyers and conduct legal cases.  I start by giving them morning work and the bar exam.  Don't you wish you were going to be there with me?  Oh, by the way, it starts at 8 am and goes until noon and lasts until June 30.  Doesn't sound very good now, does it?

Blog me, anytime.  I'll try to check everyday.  Of course, I am going to Latvia July 10-17 so maybe I'll put some summer Latvia pictures on the site.

Sleep late tomorrow.  Stay up late tongith!  School is out for SUMMER!!!