So the teacher assignment letters went home and you now know what class you'll be in next year.  FUN!!  I have only had a quick peek at my next year list but I recognize a few last names.  It is always fun to have brothers and sisters of kids I've already had.  Right Bailey?

So Veterans, if you know of someone who has me for a teacher this year, tell them about the website and tell them to check it out and blog me a comment.  How fun would that be?  Tell them I'll give them 5 tickets if they blog me before the start of school on September 7.  Bonus tickets to kids who blog before "meet the teacher" night.

Veterans, be sure and come by and say HI to me on meet the teacher night.  It should really be called "Meet your new teacher but be sure and stop in and give a hug to your old teacher" night.  Since I am definitely old, I would qualify for that.
Ha Ha.

Check out all the tabs and glance through the blog if you get a chance.  We have a lot of fun with this web site throughout the year.  Find a misspelled word and win some tickets!!

See you all soon.   Mrs. Kovacs