Most of you should be really happy with your report cards.  You are a responsible, hard working group overall and get your stuff in and that really shows on those report cards.  Those of you who do not fit into that catagory know who you are and really need to reflect on what you can do to change the results you got before a second report card goes home.

Today's BHTQ has to do with your report card.  Without telling specifics about your grades, just blog a comment about how you felt seeing the report card.  Were you nervous, were you excited, were you proud, were you disappointed, were you surprised (I hope not!).  Then, blog about what you plan to do to get ready for the next report card--for example, keep up the good work, get my indep. reading projects done sooner, turn in my work, or whatever you need to do.  This comment will be worth 4 tickets.

Tomorrow at 3:30 I will open the prize bucket store and kids who have 25 tickets may turn them in for a prize.  Of course we will still have a prize drawing on Friday.

Dream about your characteristics for your "other" reindeer.  Make him/her someone you can embrace and love and be proud of. See you tomorrow.   Mrs. Kovacs