So the report cards went home, you all worked hard and for the most part that was reflected in your work.  Nice job, everyone.  You should be proud of your accomplishments.  If there is something you are NOT proud of, make a plan for fixing it starting tomorrow so you can be proud of ALL your work when round 2 goes home in January.

I was impressed by your note taking today in class.  Remember, be organized, label the notes (Chapter 2, 2.1 Intro) and make a vocab bank.  Yes it is tedious, yes it engages your brain and forces you to THINK while you read and so YES we will do it.  Be dilegent about it or like Mrs. Jones says, "Your just wasting your time."

Blog a comment that tells what 1 of the vocab bank words was from today's social studies reading and tell what it means and you can have 4 tickets.  Have a great night.