Kids, do your homework at home and bring it done tomorrow.  Sad day in math today when I discovered that only 8-10 kids had their math done.  I trust you guys to do what your work is, now I am sad and will have to go back to checking it daily and making consequences immediate.  Sad for us both. :(

Alliteration club was really fun.  Gunner rocked at Krypto and I found the cool Krypto board Ms. Case made.  She rocks.  I forgot how good at cup staking some of my last year's kids are.  We need to practice and catch up.  I ususally let kids cup stack to blow off steam after a couple sessions of MCA testing.  That means next week we will be stacking away.  Good times. 

Today's BHTQ has to do with fractions.  We have 27 kids in our class, 15 of them are boys and 12 are girls.  What fraction of kids are girls?  What fraction are boys?  Blogging the fractions will get you tickets.  Bringing in the equivilent fractions that both these can be reduced to will get you a prize bucket trip.     Good luck!

Finally, blog a reply to Mr. Doebler and earn yourself a trip to the bucket.