For me the highlight of today was making the reindeer treat bags.  Everybody did such a great job working together and getting the project done.  There was real team work, some assembly line work and some really great attitudes in the room.  Good times!  I just know our first grade buddies are going to LOVE the treat bags we give them tomorrow.  Be ready to explain to them several times what they need to do with them.

For two tickets, blog a comment that tells what you will say to your first grade buddy to explain to them what to do with their reindeer treat bag.

Another highlight was getting the super nice compliment from Mrs. Severson about your power point projects.  You guys really did do an amazing job.  I was extra super impressed with how politely you walked around and looked at eachother's power points.  Nice work.  Today's BHTQ has to do with the power point slide shows you watched today.  What did you like about them, who had one that impressed you and what about it was amazing?  Blog a 2+ sentence comment that answers these questions to get the tickets. 

Just so you know, there is a 4 ticket opportunity somewhere on the site tonight too. Good luck!  See you tomorrow.  Mrs. K