So now that it's December everything is coming up reindeer.  Did you know that reindeer are also called Caribou?  Mr. Bock says the difference is that Caribou live in the wild and reindeer are taken care of by people--herded.  Remember the Sami of the north?  They herd reindeer.

Have you checked on the reindeer in the live cam?  How are they doing with this super cold weather?

We started brainstorming for our puppet shows and saw an example puppet that I made a few years ago.  The teams should have their theme selected for their play.  Are you doing bully prevention or health and fitness?  Did you know that Rudolph was actually bullied by the other reindeer?  What evidence suggests that this is a true statement?  Can you imagine that the reindeer need to be in extremely tip top shape for the big night of flying all over?  Eating right and exercising prepares marathon runners for their run, I wonder what the reindeer do to get ready.