The reindeer power points are impressive.  The kids have figured out how to change the slide design, animate their slides, drop in pictures and other fun things.  They are all so different and all really cool.  We had a couple of kids lose their shows but I had already seen them and they rocked so no worries, Carley, you already accomplished most of the project.  Anything you do from here on out is bonus.  We will finish them on Monday and I'll see if there's a way I can send them to your home.  Otherwise, you can always bring in a flash drive and copy it onto that.

Next week we will wrap up our study of reindeer by developing some reindeer games.  I just know that these creative kids will impress me once again.

We are madly working on our families gifts and they are coming along slowly.  I sure hope they are done in time!!

We haven't resolved Preston's ticket problem but the kids have been coming up with some clever suggestions on how to fix it so...I guess I'm going to offer ticket questions again.  Interestingly enough I did not even get one comment the night they knew they wouldn't get tickets.  The BHTQ is:  what has been your favorite part of the reindeer study?  Did you like the puppet plays (they seem like they were such a long time ago), the "All of the other Reindeer" stories or the research and power point project on the lap top labs?  Explain or tell WHY that was your favorite part.  You can also guess which thing was my favorite.  If you do all these things, you can have 5 tickets.  Then with the planner, that's 6.  There may be a couple other things you can get tickets for, you will have to look.

Have a great weekend. 

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