Rachel was the only one who capitalized on the free trip to the prize bucket.  She found out that if you have 2 colors of hockey gloves and 3 different colors of hockey socks, you can make 6 different uniform choices.  She drew a picture or factor tree and also did a table showing:                                               socks
                                                                                orange    white    black
                                                                   orange     oo            ow        ob
                                                                   black       bo            bw        bb

So now everyone wants a free trip to the prize bucket.  Well who wouldn't?  I will agree that hidden on this website sometime this week will be a FTPB (free trip to the prize bucket).  One a week for everyone who finds it.

Today's BHTQ is "Who are you standing by in the new picture on the website?"  Everyone who finds the new picture and blogs a comment that tells the names of at least 2 people they are standing/sitting by in the picture will get 3 tickets tomorrow morning.  Of course there is a new KRYPTO too for a ticket.  

Thanks for coming and we'll see you tomorrow!!             Mrs. Kovacs