We are going to hit the ground running tomorrow.  I spent most of the break dreaming up things for us to do--just kidding.  We will start working on MCA practice tests, power points on the two guys who used electricity to create many great inventions, continue working on the southeast region, finally read Maria Isabell, move into division after a quick review of area and perimeter that uses metric units of measurement, and finally perform the troll plays.  Your group is going to meet and decide--perform the play or just be an audience.  If some plays fold, members of that group who want to be in a play can work with volunteers to get a play ready by Friday.  I have a cool new lego game I got for my birthday that the Troll Play gourp who is already done can play.  Also, people who opt out of the plays will be given some jobs to do.  Big day, tomorrow.

Hey, new desk assignments--what do you think?  Today's BHTQ is do you want to have new seating arrangements?  Blog and answer and tell where you would want to sit. 

I am excited to see you all tomorrow.  I am rested, rejuvenated and ready to go.  Are you?