Today I am willing to offer a free trip directly to the prize bucket--do not pass go, do not collect $200 dollars.  Here's what you have to do:

Complete these sentences and write them down on paper:   
    a.  Jim played in 20 baseball games this summer and John played in 10.   Jim played in ______ times as many games 
            as John.  John played in only _____ as many games as Jim.

    b.  John spent 20 minutes shopping for a birthday present for his mom (that's me!).  Jim spent 5 minutes shopping for a 
            birthday present for me.
            John spent ____________ times as much time shopping for me than Jim did.
            Jim spent ____________ as much time as John did shopping for me.

    c.    Joe ate 6 pieces of pizza and Jake only ate 2.  Joe ate ________ times as much pizza as Jake.  Jake ate ______
            as much pizza as Joe.

    d.    Make up a story with Vlad and Jake.  Use comparison language (just like the 3 above) to finish it.

Have a great night and good luck to all you boys playing football tonight!!          Mrs. K