We still don't know if Pinch is alive or dead.  I am a bit worried because this author is not shy about killing people off.  I wonder if poor old Pinch is a goner.  Maybe he will just be lost for a while and they'll refind him years from now when he's grown up and nicer.  Maybe a Dakota Indian will find him like in the Legend of MN book and he'll be held captive.  Maybe some white settlers will find him and adopt him.  Hmm...I wonder when we'll find out.  Blog a comment about what you think happened to Pinch and you can have 4 tickets.

Tomorrow, let's have a kinder, gentler day, what do you say.

If you want to finger knit tomorrow, bring in some yarn.  Preston is ready to show some people how to do it.  Some people already know.  That could be a fun thing to do.      Mrs. Kovacs