Tomorrow is the big day--we will celebrate reading.  Make sure you have a good book here to read.  We will perform our MLK and Paul Revere readings too.  We will also be attending the 3rd grade music concert.  Wow, what a day!

In the meantime, dream about and think about pi--not the French Silk kind, the math kind.  We will chat about it again for a bit tomorrow, if we have time, but for sure we will move ahead with it on Friday.  That will be the end of unit 4 in math and we are on to unit 6!!  We are flying now!

Oh my goodness, I almost forgot, we have DARE on Friday too!!  I wonder what our first DARE lesson will be like.  Hmmm...sounds like a life journal, wonder book assignment for Friday morning.  See you tomorrow.  Read on!