The kids had very important mail today.  There are 3 permission slips with short turn around in there and they are as follows:

--Permission to follow the balloon.  Free.  Lunch needed.  Date TBD.  
           Early arrival at school needed.
--WB Center for the Arts.  $10.00.  Lunch needed.  Date is June 1.
--Cup N Cone and Podvin Park.  Free.  Lunch needed.  Date is June 5.

PLEASE get those forms back to us ASAP.  The balloon launch one needs to be to us by Friday, May 18 and the rest Friday, May 25.  

Living History is well underway and we are researching and writing our papers.  This is our last technology exploration week so next week we will have 2 blocks of time in which to work on Living History--12:40 to 1:20 and 2:30-3:30.  IF kids use their class time wisely, they will get the project done in a timely fashion at school.  Of course, costumes and artifacts may need to be done at home.

We have a couple busy weeks left.  It's all good but it is extremely busy and out of our routine.  That, coupled with the excitement of the end of the year have made it hard for some kids to use class time wisely.  Yikes.  That is a waste of good class time.

Have a great evening.  Get those forms in NOW.     Mrs. Kovacs