The 3 heads of the party planning committee are in full swing preparing your fun party for you.  Can you help them out?  What do they need people to do?  You can still earn minutes for your party by blogging this weekend.  How long will our party be I wonder.

Here is the DIY Density Difference Experiment from our read aloud book.  Try this at home kids!

A glass baking dish that you fill 1/2 full with plain water.
1 TBLS salt
A glass of plain water that you squirt some food coloring into--blue is cool but any color will work.

Add the 1 tablespoon of salt to the colored water in the glass.  Add a little extra if you are feeling lucky.
Now, slowly pour the salty water into the dish.  SLOWLY or it won't work.
What happens?  Record your observations in a blog message and you can have an immediate trip to the prize bucket on Monday morning.

Enjoy your weekend.  Get outside and play in the snow.  It looks amazing out there--according to the weather app.