Ten kids have remembered to bring in their baby pictures so far.  Of those, 4 are from our room and the other 6 are from Mrs. Stonehouse's room.  Blog a comment about the fractions and decimals and percents you notice in that and you can have 2 tickets tomorrow.  Think of what part this is of the whole group and make some more fractions and decimals and percents that you notice.  2 more tickets if you blog 'em.  Additionally, 6 kids in our room have finished their research papers and posted them on our Train timeline.  Do the fractions, decimals and % that go with that and you can have 4 more.

Research papers are to be DONE and hanging on the timeline by Thursday.  There is no school on Friday and on Monday we move on.  We will be writing another verse in the Train song.  What will  you choose as a big event to study that happened anywhere from 2005-2016?  You can already start to think about that as you wrap up your current project.

Have a great evening.    Mrs. Kovacs