So Evan, look up the song "Tin Man" by the group America.  Same era and sound as American Pie but the chorus should speak to you.  Maybe this can be our new theme song.  It says, "Oz never did give nothin to the Tin Man, that he didn't, didn't already have."  That's what I was singing to you on Friday as you left.  What does that mean?  6 tickets to every one who blogs a comment explaining what the write meant or was referring to when writing that song and including that reference to the Tin Man and Oz.

My voice is worse today than yesterday.  My nose is stuffier too.  I guess I need to face the fact that conferences kicked me to the curb and I flat out got sick.  I have tomorrow still to get better as I really don't want to miss school on Monday.  Monday we will research more about our 3 (or 4 or 5) paragraph writing and then Tuesday, it's write it!!  We can also continue to work in our turkey baby books and continue to consider Thanksgiving from the Turkey's perspective--eat beef!  Or ham! Or macaroni and cheese?  

Wednesday we will have a little "tell your classmates what you are thankful for and give more compliments to classmates in the tone of "I am thankful you are my classmate because..."  or of course, "I am thankful you are my student or you are my teacher because...

Short week.  Computation Boot Camp continues.  Turkeys take over and more.