So we were talking about a December outing prior to Long Lake.  The kids came up with the idea of skating on the pond.  We talked about dates and came up with December 12, next Friday.  The plan would be to order pizza, bring snacks and drinks for yourself or to share, and then skate from after school until 5:00 or 5:30.  I checked the forecast and am a bit concerned that it might be too warm to skate that day.  It is supposed to be 41.  However, they are NEVER right and by 4 it will probably be back to close to freezing.  It gets cold quick once the sun goes down.  

The pond was beautiful today.  There was a hockey game, some twirling, some smooth skating and some fun sliding.  It really looked like fun!  The ice is about 10 inches thick and I would venture to guess that it is nearly solid all the way down--how deep can it possibly be?

Having a fun week but trying to cram lots of holiday stuff in as we head out to Long Lake and need to wrap everything up by December 16.  YIKES!!