We are 0 for 2 on scheduling ice skating outings.  Can you believe it's supposed to be 38 degrees on Friday?  Yikes.

So, rescheduled it for Tuesday.  There is a permission slip/invitation of the event that went home today.  

We are reading the actual "I Have A Dream Speech" given by Martin Luther King, Jr. this week.  Each kid has a part and we are performing it as a chorale reading.  Practice your part at home and get help with some of the pronunciations of the really hard words.  There are some hard ones!  He was a really smart, professional, well educated man with a ginormous vocabulary so practice!

We had a GREAT day of learning and got a lot of things accomplished.  Blog a comment about how you thought the day went and earn yourself 4 tickets tomorrow.  See ya.  Mrs. Kovacs

PS:  Oh my word!!  Have you seen the new updated forecast?  It was supposed to be 28 on Tuesday until I scheduled skating for Tuesday so now it is expected to be 35.  My word.  Are we destined to NEVER skate on our pond after school?  This will be a game time decision but we may have to move our skating to Wednesday of next week as it is going to be colder that day.  Of course, now that I posted that, it will probably warm up Wed. too.  Monday?  Any day where the high is in the 20s.