It's still ON!!  Now it doesn't look like it is going to be 40 degrees so...we may go outside.  Only time will tell.  If not, we will have our pizza party in a surprise location that will make it more fun than simply staying in our classroom!  Hmm...where will it be?  Blog your thoughts--of course it has to be in the school and needs a smart board for showing a movie.

We have collected about 16 permission slips.  Wow!  You can still bring it tomorrow or tell mom or dad to email me that you have permission to stay and that someone can pick you up.

I'm not home sick today I'm home doing flooring.  I tell you all about it tomorrow.  I took what is called a "Personal Day"--a day to not work because you need to do so many things before Christmas and you are going to Long Lake next week.  YIKES!!  

Wasn't  it fun to have my former student teacher and my current student teacher teaching you today?  However, old Mrs. Kovacs will be back tomorrow and Ms. Jaslow will be GONE ready to WORK!!  We have puppets to make, sets to design, plays to practice and scripts to finish, pow toons to wrap up and show off, outdoor adventure books to read outdoors as we MUST have outdoor stamina for Long Lake, and more.  Plus, I want you to tell me ALL about what you engineered to clean up the oil spill and how much it cost to do it.

Hope you had a great day of learning without me.  Hope you remembered your classroom behavior expectations.  I miss you--that's the one bad thing about a student teacher is your poor old REAL teacher doesn't get to spend as much time with you as she'd like.    See ya tomorrow!!        Mrs. Kovacs