Jungle Book here we come!!  Come one, come all to White Bear Township Theaters to enjoy the newest version of this great classic story.  The movie looks very interesting and I can't wait to see the animals the movie makers created.  I also am looking forward to Billy Murray as the big bear.  There are many famous people in this movie.  Did you know that the guy who is the voice of the porcupine, Gary Shandling, has passed away since he made this movie.  Sad.

This weekend's ticket question has to do with pine cones.  Do you think we can find pine cones anywhere at Lincoln Elementary School and if so, where?  What fun things can you think of to do with pine cones?  My math group, what would you expect to see on pine cones?  Finally, what have we already done in this classroom with pine cones.  For every one of these questions you answer on the blog you can have 2 tickets.  Enjoy.

Get outside and play in the sunshine.