I think the weather is supposed to be amazing next week so we will get a chance to do some more work in our outdoor habitats.  If more kids had sit upons, we could go out even when the ground is wet.  Well, I mean go out for more than just a walk around the bus loop for Walk and Spell.

Next week we will read Chapter 3 in Social Studies and continue to read Native American stories in reading class.  We will be close to finishing our Native American read aloud book, The Birch Bark House, which is a realistic fiction book.  Our reading genre focus next week will be realistic fiction so we will cover the characteristics of that.  We will wrap that up just in time for MEA.  When we come back from MEA we will shift gears into all things creepy and scary and mysterious in a nod to Halloween.  FUN!!  Some of the girls are going to decorate the room to get us in the mood and we will all be creating monsters and writing monster descriptions and stories and poems (Jack--what rhymes with scary?) and more.  Don't you just love a Holiday theme?

Have a great weekend and be ready to roll on Monday with your hopes and dreams for 5th grade.  We will be journaling them and sharing them with parents on Thursday, Monday and Tuesday at conferences.      See ya soon--Mrs. Kovacs