We will be starting decimals tomorrow.  Why do decimals tie into fractions?  Hmm...I will give an immediate trip to the prize bucket to anyone who blogs their ideas on how the two are the same.  Fractions and decimals. 

We will look at and consider the math assessment you took today.  I think that in some cases you made it harder than it really is.  The illustrations actually gave away the answer.  Did you look at them?  You will get a chance to relook at them tomorrow.

So about decimals, you already know many things about them.  For example, if I have 2.75 to spend at Cup N Cone and a large cone is 2.50, how much money will I get back?  Think about money. 

We are going to do another in and out machine tomorrow.  I think they are fun.  We will also be looking at patterns and maybe doing some grid coordinate work.  Fun!!!