I have to be at a meeting tomorrow so you will have a sub in the morning.  Kids not done with their MAP test will finish it at 9:25.  We have science--sink or swim experiment--at 10:00.  Snack and reading and then recess and lunch and I'll be there.  It should be easy enough to behave.  Ms. Stamson is going to be keeping an eye on you.

I will give 2 tickets to every kid that is good for the sub.  We will vote to see who was the most helpful and gracious and cooperative and that person can have an immediate trip to the prize bucket right after we vote.  Good luck.  I know you can do it.  Hmm...do you think we should have a best girl and best boy?  No, I've got it.  We'll do best overall team.  This will cause you to work well with your team and police your team yourselves to try to win the prize.  Good luck.

Blog a comment that explains a bit about the sink or swim experiment and you can have 2 tickets.  Create a function/rule and an in and out machine and you can have 4 tickets.  See you tomorrow afternoon.                Mrs. Kovacs