So many ideas, so little time.

Today we started Factorville, family Christmas gifts (I asked and everyone in our class celebrates Christmas so we are going to call it that since it shouldn't offend anyone), and worked on our reindeer art and story.  It is crazy trying to get all this done by December 23.  But it will happen.

Kids, go ahead and bring a few things for Factorville.  We will work on it some more tomorrow.  Ideas of fun stuff to bring include little trees, matchbox or smaller cars, people or skaters, little benches, and play dough.  It's going to be gorgeous.  I'll be sure and take a lot of pictures.

Tomorrow Mrs. Biddle's class is going to Cinderella so we are going to work on our gifts.  Fun!!  Come ready to be creative and thoughtful and put together a fun project for your family to enjoy.

Have a great evening.    Mrs. K