I suppose I've missed most of you as it is already 10:00 p.m.  I decided to write anyway as there are a couple of early morning risers who might check the website in the morning.  If you check in this morning before school, make sure and write me a nice blog comment so I know you saw this.  Oh man, I wrote a bunch of comments about 12 minutes ago and they all say they are from MR. Kovacs.  Trust me, they are from me.

Hey, didn't Mica look marvelous today with her pearly white teeth showing and her cute new haircut!

Lili--I am anxious to see what you have in store for us tomorrow.

I am still willing to give out tickets to kids for blog comments from their parents.  Keep the comments coming, they are fun to read. Tomorrow is already Friday and the end of the line for many of our trimester 1 grades.  Conference in a week and a half.  Don't forget, the high school musical opens this weekend.  The director told the cast to Break a Leg.  Is that a good idea on Friday the 13th?