With the reading MCA behind us all we have left looming over us is the MCA math retakes, the MCA science test (first time EVER taking it) and the 2 rounds of MAP testing.  Hard to believe there is still that much left!  Buckle down on your science review please.  We have another whole year in review to get through--4th grade magnets and electricity and more!!

We moved on in math.  Did you understand the steps to decimal by decimal division?  No worries, we will look at it again tomorrow.

How are you liking your math IE group?  Blog a comment about what your group is working on and you can have 2 tickets.  Of course you should start with, "Although it's not as much fun as being with you in your class, Mrs. Kovacs, I am enjoying learning about....."

See you tomorrow!!  We have science and then an activity with Stamson in the morning.  In the afternoon we'll do some math, social studies and reading.  We are swamped.